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Vintage Photo Puzzle by Judi Kauffman

Turn a vintage photo into a conversation piece by making a photo transfer puzzle. The memories and stories an old photo can evoke are valuable treasures. This one is a photo taken in Washington, DC, on the day World War II ended. A photo puzzle is the perfect present for a grandparent to give as a gift or keep for little visitors.

Leave your photo in its original mat, or add one if you want a border.


  • Transfer Magic.com photo transfer paper for color laser copier or ink jet printer
  • Transfer Magic.com photo transfer puzzle
  • Favorite photo
  • Photo mat (vintage or decorative)


NOTE - Remember to MIRROR IMAGE (reverse) your photograph so any lettering will be backward on the transfer! When you transfer onto the puzzle it will be correct.

  • Make a Transfer Magic.com photo transfer to fit the puzzle.
  • Heat transfer photo onto the puzzle.
  • After peeling release paper from transfer, thoroughly cool the puzzle before breaking the pieces apart.


Transfers made on a color copier must be peeled while hot. Transfers made on an ink jet printer may be peeled while hot (matte finish) or cool (smooth, shiny finish).

For both, burnish the back of the transfer with a soft cloth before peeling.